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Weengallon a Winner 2016

The buzz around the southwest is that it was the best Weengallon Pink Ladies Day yet. Fascinators and champagne glassed were the favoured accessories as 600 women gathered in the middle of nowhere on Wednesday the 17th of August for the 2016 Weengallon Racing Pink Ladies Day. It was a day of over-the-top glamour, joy & fun.

Our Very Own “Strong Mummy” Pamela Schramm is kind hearted, warm, generous, incredible, amazing and funny. She is wife to Peter & a wonderful mum to three beautiful children – James, Harry & Ivy, they live a busy country life on their North Star property in northern New South Wales.

Pamela was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in April 2015, which was quickly followed by a lumpectomy, chemotherapy & radiation therapy.

After receiving her information package from the Cancer Council, Pamela realised that there is a huge need for positive, well written and uplifting storied for children to read and learn about the subject of cancer. So during her grueling treatment, she decided to write children’s books to help not only her own babes but also those of other families. And yes – it is BOOKS plural – because Pamela is not planning one book – she is planning a series, all to be illustrated by her amazingly talented Mum, Joy Dill.

A group of enthusiastic friends have gone to great lengths to help her make this dream a reality, completing the Gold Coast Airport Half Marathon in 2015 to help raise much needed funds. Their end goal ….. for all the amazing mums and dads out there to be able to read their children beautiful, inspirational and strong stories about cancer and all the awful things that come attached to it. But also to see their gorgeous friend’s dream come alive …. because heaven knows she deserves it.

In March of this year Pamela’s dream became a reality as she launched her precious book “My Strong Mummy”. We look forward to Pamela joining us for Weengallon Racing Pink 2016 to share her inspirational story.