Wednesday 28th August 2019

Our Team

Emily Martin


I became involved in about 2006 or 2007 with Milly Sevil and Jen Street.

We were not Apron wearers or official WPLD committee members in the first couple of years. We made pink broaches to sell for gold coin donations to ladies as they arrived. These funds went directly to BPCAQ (the Breast and Prostate Cancer Association of Qld).

BPCAQ was funding Cathy Brumpton, a breast care nurse based in Mitchell in the mid 2000’s. Cathy travelled to St George and district when required. Somewhere along the line, BPCAQ decided to aim to fund a St George based role, but the approximately $30 000/annum required was formidable!

I was definitely officially an Apron Wearer by 2009, and have been every year since. I have 8 aprons in my kitchen drawer, which I love and use daily.

On a personal note, my family knew about 10 ladies who died of breast cancer in our district, extended family and friendship networks, around the time my mum and her cohort turned 40. I remember all these ladies, and knew their children who adjusted to life without a mum. These memories have stuck with me, and there was never a question of whether I would support the breast cancer cause.