Wednesday 28th August 2019

Our Team

Cindy Doonan

Art Auction Coordinators


A lifetime of fond memories in the bush has given Cindy a deep imbedded love of the land and it’s strong and resilient country communities.

Having been born and raised in south western Queensland on a sheep and cattle property, she is familiar with the joys and struggles that isolation can bring.

Now based in St George, with her husband and their four children, Cindy cherishes the country spirit. Breast and Prostate Cancer has touched her life through the battles of her family and friends. Their strength, courage and hope is inspiring and it is this that has stirred a connection with the St George Breast and Prostate Cancer Association of Queensland. The commitment of Weengallon Pink Ladies Day Committee to this cause, and to each other, invites warmth and passion to our rural communities. This is a cause and journey that Cindy is proud to be a part of and she enjoys her role on the WPLD Committee.